Civil Society and Open Space Slovenia


Nobody holds the legitimacy to represent the protesters. Each of them represents himself/herself and forms an OPEN SPACE only through the interaction with other individuals. This open space is the only means through which the problems and the demands of the protesters can be articulated and alternative practices of everyday life can be created. The OPEN SPACE OF SLOVENIA will be set up based on the principle of people’s assemblies by using basic forms of communication on a horizontal level, without leaders, without “directors”, screenwriters and ideologists.

The concept of open space is not a simple one, it is a very complex matter in constant movement and development. Open space does not mean rounding up, organizing, organizations or similar.

Open space, defined in its essence, means the encounter of individuals who have an OPEN MIND (open to the thinking of other people with whom they interact on a social level and thus build society itself) and who think OUT OF THE BOX.

What does thinking OUT OF THE BOX mean?

Out of the box simply means that one thinks independently (does not conform to other people’s thinking and is prepared to give up his own thought in his own interest), while remaining OPEN-MINDED to the thinking of the individual they interact with. This leads to the building of a deeper consciousness, a collective consciousness which is the upgrade of your subjective thoughts and conclusions.

To put it in simple terms – two heads are better than one, but two heads can create more knowledge, the consciousness can only be achieved by allowing each other to think and encouraging each other in their thinking instead of restricting each other.

When two people are faced with a decision, the normal reaction is confrontation.

Each individual defends his opinion with the aim of convincing the opponent until one of the opinions prevails or they reach a compromise.

On the other hand, the goal of collective thinking is in the building. Two people with different opinions work together with the purpose of creating something new.

So my idea or yours is not a burden, but the purpose for these two ideas to create something new, something that can not be predicted

This orientation requires active listening and not merely preparing a response to what we hear.


All this can only be achieved through establishing and maintaining an open space as such. Yet this open space can only exist as long as the people who meet in it are individuals who speak as individuals on their behalf and not in the name of some social structure or organization.

The main purpose is to OPEN UP these SPACES that are being under constant attempts of being TAKEN OVER. This OPEN SPACE must remain OPEN at all times, at everyone’s disposal for each individual to enter it unrestrictedly and speak unguided about his/her everyday dilemmas, life stories, proposals,solutions and to connect with other individuals and thus form the common.

We don’t need new political parties. We need a strong civil society that performs a corrective function in the sense of control over the powers that be. We need a civil society that does not, beg, is not subordinate, does not negotiate… BUT DEMANDS of each political power to put into practice the legitimate demands of the people.

Civil society must be able to detect in the wider social sphere what the legitimate expectations and demands of the people are. This detection can only be realized through people’s assemblies that must constantly provide an open space for each individual.



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  1. Open the forum.

  2. Hey there, You’ve done an excellent job. I’ll definitely digg it and for my part suggest to my friends. I am sure they will be benefited from this site.

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