PresenceCounts-15o-OccupyLjubljana Solidarity with Spain


#23F 2013 Spanish Revolution


“For Freedom, for Democracy and for our Social and Environmental rights.

The pressure of the financial markets, the illegitimate debt created by the speculative financial system and the die-hard policies aimed at the social majority, along with corruption and the lack of legitimacy of our institutions have together caused the biggest democratic crisis of the last decades.

The increasing unemployment, attacks on public services, on labor and social rights, the environment and so on have gathered together all colors of our “citizen tides”: green, red, white, orange, yellow, black, blue, purple.
A fair and viable society will only be possible if citizens join to protect their social rights, above financial markets and to ensure that honest politics and social justice above the interests of the financial elites prevails.

The reform of Article 135 of the Spanish Constitution, without asking the citizenry, makes payment of the debt at the expense of cutbacks in all public services while also giving away the wealth of the state. This reform was a financial coup d´état, as the Government is handcuffed giving priority to the payment of the debt over rather the State’s own responsibilities towards its citizens.

In 1981, after the coup d´état, citizens protested en mass for the defense of Freedom and Democracy. Now, 32 years after that, we call to all citizens, waves, organizations and all groups to join us in Madrid the next 23rd of February for the defense of a real democracy, for the defense of freedom and for the defense of social rights.

We say NO to the financial coup d´état.
We don´t owe, we won´t pay.
There are alternatives, there are solutions:
– For Social and Environmental Justice
– For transparency and a particapative democracy
– For the defense of universal public services
– Against the illegitimate debt. For a popular audit of the debt.”


here is a map of ALL PLANNED ACTIONS

Full media platform dashboard for #SpanishRevolution #15M #23F Action Events @OtC: …#23FYoVoy

Promo Video:



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