Invite for a European strategy meeting: 4-6th of October in Amsterdam: “Economic governance, the Troika and the struggles against European neoliberalism”

At the Alter Summit in Athens in June, activists from across Europe decided at an assembly to hold a strategy meeting to discuss and organise European struggles against the imposition of neoliberal policies by the Troika and the new EU economic governance, and its disastrous consequences . That strategy meeting is now set to take place in Amsterdam from the 4-6th of October.

The meeting intends to discuss how to address the undemocratic neoliberal crisis strategy and governance imposed from the EU – the EU shock doctrine:

– what have been the experiences of resistance

– what common priorities can be identified in the near future

– how can awareness raising be improved – how can our internal communication and coordination be improved, and what strategies should be pursued.

We’re looking for ways to ensure mutual support, and to strengthen our capacity to address the challenges at the European level that cannot be met at the national or local level alone.

If you or your group would like to participate, please reserve the date of 4-6th of October.

Please discuss this proposal within any relevant assembly, platform or network at the local or national level.

More information will be out shortly.

The meeting is open to everybody. Many groups have contributed so far, at the moment the facilitators include several ATTAC-groups, Corporate Europe Observatory, SOMO, Ecologistas en Acción, Transnational Institute and many more.


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