Europe is waging war against migrants. This has been proven by the recent events at the Macedonian border where the police and the army used teargas, shock grenades and other means of repression against people. More and more EU member states are building walls and fences and taking measures strengthening the European apartheid: the Hungarian fence on the border with Serbia, the agreement between the United Kingdom and France about building an additional fence at the English Channel, Spanish fortresses decorated with barb wire, the Bulgarian wall with Turkey. Measures taken by many European countries do not see beyond putting up obstacles and barbed wires and strong support to the repression at the external and internal EU borders alike. All these aggressive measures are justified by the discourse of »security«. We reject the idea of security derived from racism and fear. We don’t want to live in a world surrounded with barbed wires and walls! We won’t silently witness the slaughter and violence upon those that flee the war and seek a better life. The thousands that are forced into migration are a direct product of the EU neo-colonialist policies governing the borders and of the EU member states which won’t take responsibility for creating the conditions and deepening the conflicts in the wider Mediterranean area.

Although the media have grabbed the subject of migrants, they focus predominantly on the question of smugglers, security risks, quotas, settlement possibilities and other mercantile trajectories. This kind of discourse is widely opening the gates to populism and racism and results in the dehumanization of people. Such a hegemonic discourse is usually focused on personal stories of the »victims«, but overlooks the structural framework that encourages the suppression of migration and impedes the freedom of movement in general.

But as we know, borders are continuously changing. We would rather see the world without them. While we are pushed into a »safe nest« migrants are already practicing and inventing free routes beyond the territorial and mental borders. This means that borders are not invincible. Not a single fence can stop the will, power, hope and efforts for the freedom of movement and life.

The »safe nest« is suffocating us. We are part of this story as well. And we want to share our cities and places with everyone! Not a single body deserves tear gas or shock grenades. Moving and smashing the borders is a path to freedom. As opposed to the governments of the EU member states, we are calling: borderless world is what we want. Many think that you, migrants, are the problem, but what is certain is that you are making this a better place to live.

We are strongly against the migration policies and practices of EU and its member states. We also condemn discriminative narratives perpetuating the sentiments of the national states. Only together we will build a better life! Instead of repression against migrants we demand the freedom of movement for all. Instead of the current asylum policies we demand the right to stay for all. Instead of permanent internal controls we demand safe corridors for all. Instead of miserable existence in constant crisis we will build together a joyful life for all of us.

Therefore we are calling everyone to join us at the anti-racist rally that will take place on 9 September in Ljubljana at Prešernov trg at 5 pm. We know that you care! Show that you are not a racist and xenophobe and that the world of many worlds is possible!

No border will ever stop us!

Anti-racist front without borders
Ljubljana, 31 August 2015


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