podrska srbija

Since yesterday, when Hungary attempted to close its borders, by
bringing army and heavy police force at the newly built fence, and the
new law criminalising migrants has stepped into force, up to 5000
migrants have been stuck at the border. The point at which most people
have been stuck is the border crossing Horgoš 2 (exact location:…/@46.175929,…/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0
) — but the locations might change, or multiply.

The situation is very difficult: there is not enough food, water,
clothes, medicine or shelters. People are sleeping on the bare ground,
there is no place to use the toilet or maintain basic hygIene. There are
many people, including women and small children, and new people keep on
arriving all the time. On the Hungarian side, there is the army and
police, with the usual gear of police-dogs, pepper-spray etc.

The situation is very tense, but despite the difficult conditions, the
atmosphere is one of resistance and protest. Some migrants have been on
a dry hunger strike, refusing all food and water until the border is

**This is a call out to all activists, for an emergency intervention at
the border – we need people to show solidarity with those stuck at the
Horgoš 2 border crossing. Bring along any food, water, basic medicine,
warm clothes or tents, but above all, physical presence of
self-organised affinity groups is needed! A sounds system and as many
megaphones as possible are really needed, for communication in a big
group of people.**

In addition, any trusted information about the developments elsewhere
(such as what is happening on the Serbian-Croatian and
Croatian-Slovenian borders) is also important, as coordinated solidarity
efforts on various points of the route could be crucial. If you do not
have the possibility to come to Horgoš, it would be great if you could
get reliable information about what is happening on the
Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia route, so we can share this with the people on
the Horgoš 2 border crossing.

In solidarity,
no border Serbia collectif
noborderserbia [at]
phone: 00381(0)61 64 50 529)



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