Refugee Phrasebook/Arabic, Dari, Bos/Cro, Slovenian, German, English



Beta version of ‪#‎RefugeePhrasebook‬ for the CROATIA/SLOVENIA refugee route is finally out. As always, work in progress. Please bear with us while we continue to make it better. Languages: Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Bosnian/Croatian, Slovenian, German, English. A “mini” phrasebook about the landmines, together with the warning about the minefields (in English, Arabic, Pashto, and Dari/Farsi) is added at the very beginning.

Link to Wikibooks where you can always find the most up-to-date version:… (When sharing, watch out not to “break” the link.)

***Massive thanks goes to all the amazing volunteers who keep investing their time to make this happen!! And now, let’s share and get this out there!***

Download: balkans-slov150916


FB Group: Dear refugees: Welcome to Croatia

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