Action 2600 candles for dead refugees, 5th of November, 2015, at 7pm in front of slovenian parliament


for death refugees and migrants

for different approach to refugee crisis by Slovenian government

for different border and migration policies of the EU

While Slovenian PM Miro Cerar daily threatens to build the fence on the border with Croatia and Slovenian members of the Parliament with wast majority prohibit the referendum on the change of the law on defense that grants police authorities to the army, refugees and migrants on Balkan Route are subjected to dehumanizing treatment. Authorities treat them as toxic waste, they are subjected to police and army arbitrariness, they are mistreated by criminal gangs and turned into dehumanized population that is easily instrumentalized by populist politicians and advocates of criminal ideologies to spread the fear and hate. All this results in catastrophic humanitarian conditions with many instances of tragic deaths. Every day we get informations of shipwrecks in Aegean see and according to some data this year already 2600 people lost their lives while trying to cross the sea.

Representatives of the EU are showing scandalous degree of hypocrisy. They express being sorry for the deaths of refugees and migrants but at the same time stick to policies that result in those deaths. The only EU answer to suffering and deaths is more suffering and deaths. More deportations and the externalization of repressive border regime to authoritarian regimes in EU vicinity do not establish safe routes but lead to even more violence against people that are on the run because of the war and social and economic devastation. In this situation representatives of Slovenia headed by PM Miro Cerar are showing extreme inhumane, servile and coward face. Instead of acting in the name of humanity to ease the suffering of the people on their way and demanding changes in European policies that would lead to establishment of safe routes and legalization of migration based on freedom and right to move for everyone and not only for privileged minority, Slovenian government and vast majority of political caste dehumanize refugees and migrants, gradually push country into uncertainty of authoritarian rule and threaten to close the border and by this prepare immense crime against refugees and migrants, fellow human beings on the Balkan route for freedom and dignified life.

Slovenian government, Slovenian politicians and EU representatives do not have our approval and mandate for such attitude and policies. For this reason we are going to light the candles for victims of infamous policies concerning refugees and migrants. To express that we care and feel responsible for every victim, 2600 of us must appear. We believe that we are many more. We meet with candles on Thursday, November 5 in front of Slovenian Parliament.

FB event: Action 2600 candles


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