Update Sweden, proposal for new restrictions in Asylum system

Note for the following text: this is so far only a proposal – not yet decided as official law/policy.

1) Refugees would now only get a three year permit, with a one year extension. Including refugees under 18 (and their families) except those already registered in sweden. Permanent permits are available only for Unhcr quota-refugees. If you can show sufficient income level at the end of your temporary permit – this may be turned in to a permanent residence permit – otherwise you may get your temporary permit prolonged with One year at a time, if your claims for protection still stands.
2) Family reunification is changed. You will have to receive ‘full’ refugee-status in order to be granted family reunification – this means that, since most asylum seekers do not get residence permits as ‘refugees’ but as ‘alternatively in need of protection’ family reunification would, if these new proposals go through, be extremely reduced. Married people have to both be 21
years of age to be reunited. The refugees on a one-year protection permit cannot be reunited with their families. You will also have to show ‘sufficient income level in order to be granted family reunification.
3) With the exception of children, there will be even more restricted possibilities for humanitarian residence permits.
4) The government wants to increase the use of medical determination of the age of asylum seekers, despite it being condemned as completely unscientific by medical staff.
5) ID–control in all forms of public transport. Particularly those
connecting Denmark and Sweden. In effect this would make for the same situation as the EU/schengen “carrier responsibility” act, does on the Mediterranean sea. (these are not yet in place, there is still a possibility to seek asylum at the swedish border even without papers/passport.)


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