Call for support in Idomeni!


Call for support in Idomeni!

The situation in Idomeni is escalating. The official NGOs and UNHCR have left the site. Right now, only volunteers are working on the ground and they need support. The borders have closed for good, since 2 weeks along the Balkan-route and the whole brutally of the posed EU border regime is played out in Idomeni. As some volunteers describe it: “Idomeni is the place where hope will die.”
Practically supporting the people on the move is also political! Showing that you care, too!

1) Helping hands: If you can drive there, do it! The best way to do it is with a van or a big car. The storage capacities are very limited.
2) Funds: Bring money with you! or donate directly to the volunteers. We will provide you with the info.
3) Blankets, tents, sleeping bags, food but also things like cigarettes and wood.

If you manage to go there: stay connected with the volunteers already on the ground. They have been there for many weeks and know their way around. We are able to bring you in contact with them. PM us!



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