Opening of FACK Borders Meeting


On 3 – 4 August, within the frame of the 2016 FACK MSUV NEW mUSEeum event, we call for a FACK BORDERS MEETING against closed borders policy and in support to migrants.

OPENING of FACK BORDERS MEETING on Wensday 3.08 at 6pm in the hall of MSUV – with interventions by No Border Serbia, report from No Border Camp Thessaloniki and Defencing festival, projections and documentation.

All interested individuals, activists and volunteers, independent groups, artists and other realities active in and around no border movement, working in direct solidarity and in support to migrants’ struggle or interested in doing it are invited to take part in FACK BORDERS meeting. FACK BORDERS proposes to use the museum in any way that might be useful for their struggle and activities, for networking, work meetings, discussions, workshops, performances, projections, presentations, assemblies. This is the occasion for an experiment in NEW USE of a cultural institution, by opening it to the migrants’and revolted EU citizens’ struggle for the freedom of movement and against closed borders policy and for sharing reflections and practices among activists, artists and cultural workers to implement the struggle.

Individuals and collectives that are willing to collaborate in the preparation and/or to propose interventions & activities in the FACK BORDER meeting are invited to join the general FACK assembly on Saturday 30 July in Kino sala in MSUV – Dunavska 37. For any questions contact 063 7434197.

Please come and share info!


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