(Videos) #Slovenia: Police Violence Against Actvists Who Tried To Stop Deportation of Syrian Family

In the early morning hours Slovenian cops deported a Syrian family to Croatia. About 50 activists tried to prevent the deportation of the father, mother and an 18 months old child that was born in Slovenia. Cops used violence to break the blockade of a van that was used to deport the family.


Image: Activists tried to stop the deportation on March 22th.

Written by Riot Turtle

At about 6:45am cops came to the refugee shelter in Vič to carry out the deportation of the Syrian family. Activists chanting “No Borders! No Nations! Stop Deportations! tried to prevent the deportation but cops started to threaten, kick, push and throw activists to the ground. Some of the cops were wearing civil clothes. One person was arrested, but a few hours later released again. At least 20 people were identified and threatened with fines.

The Syrian family lived in the refugee shelter in Vič since August 2015. Their child was born in Slovenia and the family had build-up social contacts. Fortress Europe showed its ugly face once again.


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