Thomas Giovanni is a member of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation. 

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Recommended Readings

“Why I Am An Anarchist” by Lorenzo Ervin Komboa. Former Black Panther and political prisoner Komboa writes on why he became an anarchist and provides a brief introduction. The full text can be found in the Black Anarchism Reader.

“The Anarchist FAQ.” A two volume published and online book of questions and detailed answers covering a wide range of topics.

“Building a Revolutionary Anarchism”  by Colin O’Malley. A practical program of how to make anarchism a significant force and relating to larger social movements.

Spanish Civil War 1936-39 Reading Guide. A detailed collection of articles on the Spanish Revolution – arguably the most far reaching revolution in history.

For A Working Class Feminism: Resources For International Women’s Day. A collection of pamphlets, articles and interviews presenting a new vision of feminism.

The Bread Book. An introductory blog promoting Peter Kropotkin’s classic work “The Conquest of Bread” which presents a vision of free society where everyone has access to basic needs.